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April Michelle & Unifyed

Unifyed Praise Team
Unifyed Praise Team
April Michelle has ministered in song for over 20 years, directing a number of choirs and leading various praise and worship teams. In 2017, under the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit, she stepped out on faith to start her personal music ministry, Unifyed because the group must function as a whole – unified not only in voice but in Spirit. She knew it had to be unlike any other group around so she prayed and asked God those He wanted in the group. She started with her daughter, Jasmon, and cousin, Tasha Ross. These three ladies began to sing all over the upstate lifting up the name of Jesus.

In 2018, Kezia Adams, Leah Donald and Jocelyn Watson joined the group. Unfortunately, due to work and school schedules, Jocelyn and Leah were unable to continue singing. The four remaining ladies continued to sing.

In 2021, the group was unctioned to take ministry to the next level. They went into the studio and began recording their debut album with the first single being entitled "Better". This single is available for download on all social media platforms. As the recording of the album continued, Teresa Means and Sharon Cook joined the group.

In January, 2023, April accepted the call into the ministry and was licensed as Minister at The Heart Church, where she serves as Minister of Music. Again through adjusting for member’s obligations and needed growth, the group now consists of the original members: April, Jasmon, Tasha and Kezia, along with Angela Posey Redd, Gamella Foster, and Calandra Rice. Their mission is to continue to minister the love of God and complete their debut album.

April has never allowed her visual impairment to stop or limit her in life or in ministry. The group’s motto is “One mind, one body, one sound” as they stand on the scripture in Romans 2:28,

“All things work together to them that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.”

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